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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones

Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones

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Review Highlights:
Probably the best headphones you can buy at $200
if you are looking for an enjoyable headphone. One that is pleasant and pleasing to listen to after a long day at work, just get a pair of these. I have had mine since the end of 2016. I was able to jump into the original drop of the HD6xx. I have bought several other headphones throughout this time and I always ended up with these. the 6xx lacks quantity in bass, but it does not lack quality. it has enough for genres like Jazz, not enough for other genres though. I am currently powering my 6xx through the Massdrop Liquid Carbon and it just such a beautiful pairing. There is zero fatigue. the liquid carbon adds a bit of umph on the bass too. these are great headphones for vocals. Male & female After almost 3 years of buying and selling headphones, these are still sitting on my desk, because I have not found a better value than these anywhere
Would recommend to a friend.
A Top-Notch Experience From Beginning To End!
From the painless ordering process to making sure that the product arrived on time professionally packaged, along with an invoice to the actual product itself - the HD 6XX - Wow! I have been listening to music for over 40 years and have never heard my music like this before. Little nuances that were never heard before come out here. Not like hearing it for the first time, but like hearing a different mix of the same song. Very impressive Drop, please give yourselves a big hand for making these beautiful headphones even more available for all to enjoy!
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Q&A Highlights:
What are "open back headphones"?
Open backs project sound both towards your ears and out the sides of the earpieces. This makes the sound feel as if they are coming from further away. Good for replicating the directions of where each vocals and instruments are coming from; like at a concert. Close backs sound as if the music is coming from the centre of your head; you get less "directional" experience but they feel more intimate. Open backs leak sound so if you are riding on public transport, the people sitting next to you might look at you sideways wonder why you are playing music for everyone around you. Most high end headphones are open back so don't worry about losing any sound quality from the leakage!
What is the best amp (or amp/dac) to pair with the HD6XX?
They go well with my Modi/Magni Schiit stack
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Jun 15, 2024
I took a chance ($40 off) and ordered one. Its actual sensitivity is 1-2dB more per mW than 58X, and I tried 6XX "unbranded version" (650) with my phone and I got some surprise (volume is actually loud enough for my taste), so I give it a try. I have several USB-C audio adapters and I should have a good chance it will work with my phone with or without adapter. I tried 600 and the volume was barely enough. However, under same impedance, 6XX is 6-7 more dB per mW. The worst scenario will be either send it back or buy a wired/wireless adapter here for another $95. Hopefully 6XX has better audio than modified 58X and switch each other while I leave PC38X for talking
Jun 13, 2024
I bought a pair of 650's way back and loved them for years. I lost them somewhere and honestly never even considered buying another pair. I bought these and immediately fell in love all over again. They're still great. There is really nothing to complain about with these headphones. They sound way better than their price.
May 16, 2024
when does the ear cups are back in stock?
Apr 30, 2024
The headphones work well but be careful claiming warranty. The cable started to malfunction and after contacting support I was explicitly promised a new unit free of charge but instead was issued a refund. When I asked for the original agreement to be honored I was told there is nothing they were willing to do and: "Feel free to place a new order for the headphones if you wish though." After a few more emails I was given a $20 credit and conceded to "[feeling] free to place a new order" but because of current exchange rates and duty I had to pay an additional $65 or so. They refuse to reimburse me. Very unlikely I will be ordering from here again.
Apr 2, 2024
These headphones for the price is amazing. The sound signature of these headphones are great and they are comfortable after breaking them in after a couple of hours. These headphones are worth the price. I would also look into the HD 58X as they are good as well. I do enjoy the Hifiman HE 5XX a little bit more mainly because of the comfort and lack of clap but these 6xx are very close.
(Edited by moderator Jyri_Drop)
Dec 17, 2023
Unmistakably the worst headphone I have ever purchased. It sounds as if there is a veil covering the music and is preventing the music from being played its upmost artistic musical presentation.
Dec 24, 2023
DodgingBulletsWhat amp are you using?
Feb 10, 2024
DodgingBulletsI bought mine a few years ago, I like the design and comfort but not the sound. I agree with you, sound is muddy and unrealistic. I've used the Ifi Zen (drop edition for 6xx), Topping A30 pro, A90 d, and Schiit Folkvanger. Many DACs. Occasionally I'm entertained by the sound, but I always got bored quick. I actually just came back by to check some specs :)
Oct 9, 2023
Are they still coming with that fancy box? Edit: Answer: No, I contacted support it now comes with same cardboard package like other sennheiser 6 series.
Jun 30, 2023
These headphones are my current favorites and have been for a while. The value for price on these is absolutely worth it. The open backs are great for listening in a quiet room at home. (mod edit: removed affiliate links)
(Edited by moderator Jyri_Drop)
Jun 23, 2023
I've had these cans for about 8-9 months, and I usually end up wearing them for 8-12 hours a day. They sound amazing and cause virtually no wearing fatigue. I plan on buying another pair as soon as these break. This is a no brainer for audiophiles. (mod edit: removed affiliate links)
(Edited by moderator Jyri_Drop)
Jun 22, 2023
Is there any probability historically that the price will be lower in the upcoming summer sales?
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