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Feb 18, 2016
Uhhhh, this color combination - pulls me into inner conflict. Just got the terrific AKG K612pro on christmas. Love these cans! Since now I had the inner strength to justify not to buy the K712pro´s . But now, being available in my favorite color combination (corresponding to the color combination of my sports coupé and glasses ;) ) and considering that they seem to be very similar to the Annies (2nd release, which - from the book- pleases me even a little more than the K712pros) - hmmmmmm. Maybe they might even fill the gap between my K612pro and my Fidelio X2, being a little more bassy than the K612pros while still rolling off at a decent, yet not hurting peak level providing a perfectly wide stage and detail rendering (experiencing the K612pro stage and detail, these are the only things my X2 lacks). I have to go to the best silent place to overthink my future move -> now AFK, meditating at the "ceramic shrine" ;)
Feb 18, 2016
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