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Sep 20, 2016
I finally got home last night and got the unharmed cans from the box that was destroyed by somebody's 3yo. I've been running them through the wringer since then.
As anticipated they are a little lacking in the bass department. I added 3dB to the 31Hz band (where I have the option) and 1dB to the 62Hz (2dB where I don't have 31Hz band control). They are beautifully balanced after that. As far as build I have 2 minor issues. 1 being that the pads are very hard. 2 being that the weird 90° angled plug on the cable is incompatible with all of my phone cases and probably any other. I know. That's not their intended purpose so I'm really not counting that against these cans. I can always build a new one if I can't stand it anyway. I can't believe how light weight they are though. I'm coming straight home from listening to my AKG K267's all day and pick these things up and it felt like there must be missing parts.
The first test I always run on a new setup is my smash test. If "Siamese Dream" by The Smashing Pumpkins doesn't sound like you're listening to it through a mud filter, they're worth taking through the rest of my standard gamut of tests. These pass with flying colors particularly after the minor EQ touch-ups mentioned previously. After some first impressions here I burned them in for a 2-3 hours then came back. This was not enough to make a huge difference on the sound particularly considering I didn't feel that they needed burn-in in the first place. Maybe more will make some differences but it'll be done on my head so I'll never notice.
Running through my standard selection of eval. tracks ranging from classical to jazz to rock(50's-10's, Doo-Wop stuff to Classic to Metal-core) to country to EDM(/Dubstep/whatever other names there is for the same essential thing) the following sums up my opinion on these. The bass is nice and punchy, not to the degree that my 267's are when driven with the same amp, but I can certainly feel the rumble and impact from bass drums, low register electronic notes, and low organ pipes. There is no bleed over into the mids which are quite well defined and coupled with good detail. The sound is very present vocals are clean and sound alive. Not quite like you're listening to a live singer, but we're talking $100 cans here. Highs are staggering. The highs are there in abundance and not too harsh, but maybe a little. I can't believe how much high end these things have. Everything else is there too, but the highs are like a flood of highness. Very bright sound signature, but not so high that I'd call them cold. Cymbal crashes are lively and very dynamic. You can cleanly discern between the initial impact/crash and the ensuing ringing afterward. Soundstage is huge. Wider than deep to me. Imaging is fairly good. I can at least fuzzily place all of the instruments in a symphonic recording. Binaural tracks are amazing.
My listening has been done on lossless FLACs and ALACs ranging from 16/44.1 to 24/192 on my most familiar source at the moment: Galaxy Note 3/Poweramp Player -> CEntrance DACport Slim -> Cans.
In summary: Hot Damn, these are worth every penny of $100 and then some.
Revised: I'm noticing more and more a high point in the frequency response somewhere around 8kHz. It's easy to ignore on most tracks, but almost intolerable on some.
Sep 20, 2016
Sep 20, 2016
Great review!
Sep 20, 2016
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