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Aug 27, 2013
I ended up making two of these. First one I made for work to power my beyerdynamic DT-770 pro-80. I was so happy with it there that when I bought a pair DT-880 250ohm (not on massdrop although that's the same model) I knew exactly what I would get to power them. And this can power the 250 ohm no problem. I don't even bother with the gain switch. Mine is based of the original designs by nwavguy who apparently just disappeared. He was working on a desktop version of this but this functions just fine on the desk. And actually you have to use it as a desk amp because where the batteries go are taken up by the DAC.<br /><br />So yeah, I'm very happy with mine and in all honesty isn't that much cheaper than this and does require some degree of skill and patience. This is only like my 3rd project and it took me a few hours each time to build it. Like I mentioned mine is the original with the power up front, which is a little annoying but he did that to get out of paying to tool the back faceplate (this was before the DAC came out)<br /><br />If interested nwavguy went into great detail on the design of the DAC and O2. Not sure if I can link here but just search for nwavguy and it will be one of the first links.
Aug 27, 2013
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