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Mechcables Blue Samurai Custom Coiled Aviator USB Cable

Mechcables Blue Samurai Custom Coiled Aviator USB Cable

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Product Description
Your Blue Samurai keycap set is calling for reinforcements—and Mechcables has responded with a matching cable. Made in the USA and color-matched to our popular keycap set of the same name, the Blue Samurai custom coiled cable from Mechcables is the backup your board has been waiting for Read More
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Aug 26, 2021
Will this work with the Drop ALT? The Mechcables FAQ outlines some known issues with powering the CTRL, ALT and SHIFT boards.
They work with all of the Drop boards that we have in-house (ALT, CTRL, SHIFT) but there are always edge cases although they are uncommon (it is worth noting that we get way less customer support emails about power issues since switching the wire gauge to 26AWG from 28AWG)
Jan 31, 2023
My cable was working great for the past year, but has since lost almost all connectivity capability. Seems like the cable wont connect unless it's held in a very specific angle - one that I have to physically keep it at, otherwise the coil snaps it out of that angle and it loses connection again. Is there any warranty on these cables, or is there a repair guide so that I could diagnose/solve the issue myself if replacement is not an option? This has been a great cable otherwise, and it looks fantastic - just a bit miffed that a $70 cable is not connecting properly. Thanks!
Oct 2, 2023
Thanks for posting and making others aware of this Were you able to resolve the connectivity in any way?
Dec 14, 2021
Does anyone know which keyboard that is in the photos?
Dec 18, 2021
Drop alt in space grey
Jan 12, 2022
Anyone know if these'll still be available in 4 weeks? At least if anyone has access to selling rates.
Sep 3, 2021
Were these limited stock or will there be more available?