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Megalodon Triple Knob 38% Keyboard With OLED Screen

Megalodon Triple Knob 38% Keyboard With OLED Screen

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Mar 27, 2024
Activities:Work & Gaming
Paired Switch:Linear
Keyboards Owned:4
checkVerified Buyer
Nice MacroPad
The setup is pretty difficult but worth it overall. Really good build quality. Wish it had more in depth lighting setting though :/

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Keyboards Owned:14
checkVerified Buyer
A pretty, but utterly useless, piece of tech.
Had the same experience as previous buyers. Bought it, installed switches to test it out and spent a couple hours getting nowhere with setting this up through VIA, VIAL, QMK or any of the above. The documentation is spotty at best and even with the help of discord and reddit could not get it to register in any of the above applications. I've programmed a number of keyboards and never have had this much frustration. On top of that the disassembly of this is nigh impossible due to the fact that the plate screws into standoffs on the PCB which are loose, so unscrewing only gets the standoffs to loosen but not the actual screws so I cant even access the back to reset if needed. A shame... It's going back....
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Dec 14, 2023
Paired Switch:Clicky
Keyboards Owned:5
checkVerified Buyer
Keys rub and stick together.
Keys rub and stick together (as others have mentioned). I thought it was the new keycaps I bought, but the same with another pair when I switched. Also the firmware is super locked down which sucks.
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Oct 17, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
waste of my money and time...
I took it out of the box with much excitement just to be dissapointed an hour later when it still wont show up in VIA..... now I cant even use it because none of the keys even function as anything at all unless programmed somehow... (update) many hours later and I have run through so many hoops with QMK, Via, and Vial trying to compile and upload .hex files, firmware, and .json files and no version of Via or Vial will recognize it still on any usb port, and even when I load QMK firmware onto it, it doesnt even register any imput on my PC, and windows says it isnt recognized when I revert it back to the backup firmware. NICE EXPENCIVE DOORSTOP :(
Oct 8, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Good, but not great
for the price, it is very functional.
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Aug 15, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Looks great but has issues
Hefty and seems well built at first but I've noticed the following problems over the last year of use. 1. Very tight tolerances makes it difficult to almost impossible to swap caps and especially switches. I've had to remove the top plate more than once to do so. 2. The dials cannot be used to adjust the RGB settings. This should be a software issue so maybe it's fixable. 3. Only the middle usb port seems to work. The others will provide power but no actual connectivity. (Update - seems the side ports function as hubs but still important to note depending on aesthetic tastes) I expect more from a premium product like this.
CtrlShiftDelJust on the last point - the middle USB port is the upload (connectivity) port, while the two on the sides act as a USB hub. Other devices can be daisy chained to it using those ports.
Jul 12, 2023
Paired Switch:Linear
Keyboards Owned:2
checkVerified Buyer
Doesn't work properly
Absolutely god-awful firmware. Worked properly for a few minutes after unplugging it and replugging it but then it stopped working and now it just shows as USB device not recognized on everything. Can't return it after 30 days so now it's just a $145 paperweight. Could have been an amazing product in theory, but lack of firmware and support coupled with hit-or-miss hardware issues means this thing is just an expensive eyesore.
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Paired Switch:Linear
Keyboards Owned:3
checkVerified Buyer
build quality is amazing.
Size, build quality, fit and finish, color are perfect. It has a good bit of heft. So far so good. Just waiting on the switches and keycaps.
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Jun 15, 2023
Paired Switch:Tactile
Keyboards Owned:10
checkVerified Buyer
Good look, tough build
I mostly got this product for the look - its got a rich color, bold design, and stands out as a nice side-piece on a desk. I don't use it too much, aside maybe the large encoder for the volume controls. For these purposes - it works perfectly fine. However, the build itself is super tight on fitment - that isn't bad on its own, but is a bit difficult. Further, it seems the force required for build causes damage on the PCB itself. After inserting keys, I've noticed significant LED glitches across the PCB when actuating switches and applying delicate amounts of force to the PCB after setup. Sometimes pressing keys will cause the device to fully reset as the PCB shorts / etc. The build quality here is quite disappointing for a high end product. So, for everyday use, I can't say much good about this. For a product that looks nice and stands out while breaking up the flow of your desk, I think it's excellent.
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May 14, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Just buy something else
Incredibly tight tolerances mean you'll be fighting to install keycaps that fit and may even need to try different switches to find a fit where they don't rub so much it's unusable. Once you get it working, just pretend it's soldered, if you swap switches and have socket issues, it's quite annoying to disassemble since the standoffs mount the PCB to the bottom case, the top plate screws into the PCB and then the metal case attaches. There is no documentation on assembly. The software is horribly picky and only works side loaded with VIA 1.3.1 (even though 2.0 and 3.0 are now out) and will throw errors loading on later versions. I didn't use it as much as I thought I would (my fault) and didn't have trouble until grabbing it off the shelf four months after purchase. My numpad 6 key no longer works even though the hot swap socket is still in place. I've bought quite a few boards, this is the first time I'm writing a review. If I could return this now, I would. This is the keyboard related purchase I regret the most. At least I like my SENSE75 and got to use it for a month before I noticed it's $70 cheaper this weekend (I regret paying $70 extra but don't regret buying the SENSE75) and my Keychron V1 with broken sockets was half the price of this (my hot swap socket learning experience). Edit: To be clear, this is a design flaw with the product's mounting system in my opinion. It's not possible to remove the PCB and plate and mount the switches without then separating the PCB and plate (and thus the switches). You need access to the space between the PCB and plate to screw the stand-offs into the bottom case to mount the PCB (one of which screws in very close to the OLED screen, making it extra difficult). With tolerances this tight, broken sockets seem pretty likely.
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