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May 14, 2017
I'm glad a lot of people here in the comments seem to be enjoying their new headsets!
But, for what it's worth, I'm extremely disappointed with mine. This was my first drop and it was about 12/13 months ago. My first one was sent with a defective cable and I had to pay $20 to ship it to Mionix's California warehouse to get a replacement under warranty. The one they sent looked like it was a refurbished unit. It was clean and looked new except for the bent and damaged boom mic, making it so it wouldn't always activate when I put it down. Both the inner and outer boxes were in pristine condition so I doubt it was damaged en-route.
Anyways, not wanting to shell out another $20 for shipping it back, I bit the bullet... after all the mic did work most the time. And besides, these ARE stupidly comfortable, and sound pretty good both receiving and transmitting sound.
A few days ago, they crapped out on me entirely. I can not get *anything* out of them anymore, so it seems like it's an issue inside the headset itself instead of just a broken cable. To make matters worse the warranty expired three weeks ago, so I'm SOL. Even if I wasn't, I'd be reluctant to bring my total spending on these up to $100 just to gamble on them for a third time...
Best of luck everyone. I hope your experiences are better than mine, because, when this headset works, it works great.
May 14, 2017
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