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Oct 3, 2015
Mine came in perfect shape. Funny, I should consider myself lucky. But receiving a new item in perfect shape should never be a lucky thing - it's a NORMAL expectation and it's what you should receive 100% of the time. It shows how much Miro has dropped the ball - that so many folks have received imperfect watches.
I think the watch is OK. It feels thicker and bulkier than I would have hoped. It's nice, but I wouldn't exactly call it elegant. It's just a tad bulky to feel elegant to me.
But where the watch really falls down, IMO, is in the quality of the watch band. I do like the white threading near the hinges. That's a nice detail. But the leather feels super cheap.
Instead of a dense, solid leather, the band feels like it's made of a light, cheap laminated leather that will fall apart very quickly. If you've ever seen that kind of cheap leather where the color is dyed onto a paper thin laminated layer on the surface of the leather, well, this is it. The surface feels like it's been varnished or lacquered, and when you flex it, the varnished surface crinkles and creases instead of maintaining a consistent, bendable surface that you'd see in a regular quality leather. This is super cheap leather that looks like it will delaminate and separate in short order. It looks great in the pictures, but is disappointing in real life.
Boy, Miro could have done us a lot better as far as the watchband goes. I'm truly disappointed with the band. Otherwise, the watch is decent or better, IMO.
Oct 3, 2015
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