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May 29, 2013
Commenting to see if I have a star. Edit: Cool. I want to thank Massdrop for the opportunity to get in on this. Every LGS I've contacted in my area has stated that they aren't sure they'll have any packs even to sell, after drafting and prizes, much less boxes, so I'm excited to added these six packs to the ones I'll be able to draft. Sorry to those who didn't get in, I loaded up the Massdrop site on my phone and CPU, and my browser failed me, but my Galaxy lucky enough got me thru. At the very least there are two more chances for you to get in on this deal, but, as mentioned in some comments below, anger/frustration shouldn't be directed at Massdrop, I can't believe they received any MM stock at all, and are obviously doing the best they can to accommodate us. WoTC should receive any/all of your frustrated emails. Hopefully MM2 will/should have a larger print run.
May 29, 2013
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