Modern Masters (3-Pack)
Modern Masters (3-Pack)
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Massdrop has managed to get its hands on 50 booster boxes of Modern Masters. After consulting the community's discussion and votes at the poll page, we have decided to offer the cards in sets of 3-packs Read More

Apr 16, 2015
i am waiting for this drop so we can get it low like maybe 50 dollars. that be hell of a deal. and that we can purchase more than 2 , 3 pack bundles. i want to get 4 lol
Apr 10, 2015
release this. so many of us has requested this. over 600+!!!
Admin User
Jun 23, 2013
Our average MTG buy for booster boxes results in around 10-15 boxes sold in Canada, versus 150 sold in the US. Even at double the volumes (25+), it's hard to find a local Canadian retailer that will give a significant volume discount. I don't see us getting a Canadian supplier anytime soon but we're still on the look out.
Received mine yesterday for Canada - finally some solid shipping times from MD. Hope to see a Canadian supplier sometime soon for lower shipping rates.
Jun 19, 2013
Good news, looks like these were shipped right after the drop ended/when they received them and now there is tracking information available. Mine is en-route to Canada already as that's where it usually cuts off the track info US > Canada. Thanks Massdrop I hope to get my packs soon.
I'm in Toronto and I haven't gotten any updates either. I figure something must be in the works since the payment went through, but it would be nice to know for sure... EDIT: Just checked, my transaction was updated as shipped last week, on its way into Canada now. Thanks for the update!
I live near Toronto and still haven't gotten my packs yet... anyone else from Canada still waiting on theirs?
Jun 16, 2013
I live in BC and yeah I also haven't gotten even an update on shipping, it just says "active" still. They did say though they sometimes don't update that but still, it would be nice to know where they are right now since we're over a week into them being in circulation. Looks like I won't be getting this until July even at this rate.
Heck I thought I was lucky to pull Tarmogoyf and as sword of light and shadows. Out of my 6packs.
Jun 10, 2013
@asudol. Wow. Just wow. I opened a box and didn't get as good a pull.
Jun 10, 2013
Just got my packs in today, boy I must have done something right to pull these:
Jun 10, 2013
I am jealous. Got doubling + foil cryptic though
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