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May 2, 2018
What a great DAC at this price! I can understand the thread disappointment in the remote. I looked at it when unboxing and never even bothered using it. Volume knob is flimsy and no real low level listening is possible as cuff off is too high in my system.
But what a strong performer in terms of sound quality the DAC80 is! Resolution, soundstage, imaging, timing and speed. I have tried other DACs most much more expensive (factor 2-6 range) and since I really covet the SQ traits the DAC80 has to offer, I have found myself unimpressed with these other DACs. On the negative side the sound is quite sterile and dry but not in a good way - dry as in stop short, chalky ... bah >words<.
QUESTION: (since the manual is no longer available at Optoma). Does this unit bypass the preamp section when the volume is set to max (so that I can use another preamp with the DAC alone?)
Right now I am using it with a SS poweramp. But I am getting a dedicated preamp because of audiophile sadness with the preamp section in this unit. I wan´t to use the DAC80 for a while after though.
May 2, 2018
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