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Nov 9, 2018
Major bust by all companies involved on this one. The month long wait for the exclusive boot ended up being a major mistake. I received my boots all nicely packaged up, but with one problem, the upper was completely crooked. I contacted Oak Street, because the boots were seemingly well constructed otherwise (this was just a minor oversight right?) and I needed a nice pair of black boots. I assumed (perhaps wrongly?) that they would send me a new pair of the same, instead Oak Street chose to repair the same boots. (it’s still ok though right, at least they’re going to be great when I get them?) Unfortunately, once I finally received the repaired boots back they immediately have another issue - the leather tab to pull them on rips the first time I try them on. Keep in mind, I committed to these on Massdrop in late April, when I get the repaired boots back its now mid-August. At this point, according to Massdrop policies (because its been more than 30 days), I am now the owner of questionable quality boots and can either send them back and wait another 6 weeks for Oak Street to repair them (they don’t have any more new pairs of this boot), or I can just keep the defective pair and essentially eat the money I paid for them. Massdrop has refused to stand behind this product, Oak Street puts the blame on Massdrop for any refund. And I now have some crappy boots. I have a great pair of Chippewa’s, from Huckberry, highly recommend that boot/vendor combo over Oak Street/MD.
Nov 9, 2018
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