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Feb 27, 2015
FYI for all drop participants:
Thanks for your patience, we've solved the nib color mystery!
Pelikan is beginning a slow “rolling change-over” from the 14k two-tone gold nibs that were standard on all M400/M405 fountain pens to "white" color 14k gold nibs on the M405.
During the change, some customers may receive their M405 pen with the “white” nib, and some may get "white and yellow" two-tone nib.
For nib size exchanges, Chartpak will only replace or exchange nibs for the same color - they will not be able to swap from one color to the other.
Additionally, nibs are only produced and sold in these sizes: EF, F, M or B. No other sizes will be available any longer for exchanges.
P.S. - To avoid any confusion about the material of the pen, Chartpak refers to these rhodanized or white-toned 14k gold nibs as "white," to differentiate them from the two-tone "yellow and white" 14k and 18k nibs.
Feb 27, 2015
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