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May 8, 2017
I've owned the non-titanium stove for a while so I thought I'd leave my thoughts (take them as they are, as it's not the same product.) I love this stove. I've moved towards white gas for a few reasons, even though you won't find many thru-hikers with it. It's more environmentally friendly and it's easier to find in less hiker-friendly areas. This stove competes with my friends boiling water in jetboils and lets me control the temperature perfectly, simmering rice dishes and "baking" cobblers. The Primus stove has held up incredibly well over >50 days use and can be cleaned, repaired and rebuilt completely which I appreciate. The OmniLite can also be used with all sorts of trash fuel as long as you're willing to clean and replace fittings as they get eaten by gasoline. The downside, my stove weighs tons compared to proper ultralight stoves, and this titanium version, while it does whittle the weight down, still weighs more. All said, this is one of three stoves I own. I also have a Kovea titanium stove and an alcohol stove. If I were going on trail for more than a few nights and wanted to be sure I'd cook ok, I would bring my Primus OmniLite. It's a truck and it works every time. And when it doesn't I can tear the stove down, clean it and rebuild it.
May 8, 2017
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