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Jun 10, 2017
Just got mine in the mail today. Did a quick test hiking it up to my computer via USB and using the 3.5mm headphones jack. Also tried streaming from my tablet using Bluetooth. Also tested the remote everything worked fine.
Headphone jack is a nice touch. It's not a headphone powerhouse and not for power hungry headphone or high end headphone. But It will get the job done with standard IEMs and headphones.
I noticed the remote is different from what's pictured in the manual and doesn't use the CR2032 lithium batteries as listen. It uses two AAA batteries. That fine with me as I have some rechargeable Eneloop batteries handy that I'm using.
Also on Z review's video the power cord is about 4 feet long and the USB cable looks fairly long. My unite the USB cable is about 3 feet long maybe a little more and the USB cable is about 4ish feet long. Not a big deal to me, but though I'd mention it as there is a discrepancy from the manual and Z's video.
Haven't tried with speakers yet. But that wil eventually be my primary use.
Initially I thought there was a scratch on the display. Turns out it was just on the plastic screen protector. It was hard to tell as it's cut to the exact size that I didn't think there was one.
Jun 10, 2017
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