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Jul 3, 2018
This is so full of BS that any person with some knowledge would be infuriated. To start:
  1. Fukuhara has like 80% of the knitting machine market worldwide. It’s not like they dug up some Japanese machine from 1925. It’s the cheapest machine out there that just happens to be of Japanese origin (but made in China)
  2. All low end fabrics are already enzymed to hide flaws. Most high end are NOT enzymed. But use a more expensive process called mercerized. 100% of H&M is enzymed. They don’t boast about it because it’s noting special.
  3. If you are using long fibers please mention the origin. The best are supima (good ol USA) and Egyptian Giza. From the looks of it, this one is probably from India. Which happens to be the crappiest and cheapest. It barely technically qualifies as “long”.
  4. Where the hell is this thing made in? So much BS but nothing about where it’s made in?

All this BS has really made me hate this drop and brand. If you want something more genuine, check out suitsupply. Less BS and more genuine. More importantly they don't need Massdrop to peddle their wares. This site has been an insta-brand's dream lately. So much BS is passing at prices they shouldn't. Its like the biggest gathering place for sheeples. People rarely get a volume discount. Its possible to have stuff for less using patience.
Jul 3, 2018
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