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Aug 19, 2015
I'm going for the Slysz Bowie, myself.
This is an interesting knife. I like the design, but I feel like there's something slightly unfinished looking about it.
I love the stark simplicity of it. It so unadorned, it almost feels like the designer experimented with paper cutout shapes to figure out the design, and then just went for the flat cutout look.
I think it's cool. Kind of reminds me how a knife might be portrayed in a children's book - flat shapes and simple outlines. Very clean and simple.
The swooped blade is interesting. It suggests an Eastern influence.
Somehow the blade doesn't feel visually integrated with the handle to me, however. Something about how the curved spine meets the tip, and the dramatic upsweep of the blade, that doesn't seem consistent with the lines and curves of the handle to my eye.
Still, a very interesting design. If it weren't so large, I would consider purchasing it. I'm glad Massdrop is offering these higher end Spyderco knives.
Aug 19, 2015
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