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Mar 28, 2016
One other thing I found in a forum post that may help others.
This is not my post or answers... Hope this helps someone!
" Originally Posted by gwhall View Post INTRODUCTION
--I already have five (5) 4-S Lipos so I'm keeping the build 4s. Also less breakage on 4s.
--Looking for a lot of torque and top speed of 40 mph.
--Looking for a good solid 4s basher setup.
--Budget is around $1000 dollars (kit, electronics, & radio).
--Using monster truck tires.
--Building with new stuff not used unless it is in very good condition used
--Stuff needs to fit or be easily made to fit into the ET48.3 kit. I'm looking up dimensions online so they may not be exact.
--Must be waterproof (splash proof as possible not submersible)
--Just looking for nice 4s basher build doesn't need to be race tuned
--Must do wheelies
This will be easy but you'll probably want higher diff oils, especially in the middle, to make this easier to do and control without blowing up the front tires as pizza cutters.
--I might get 1 - 6s battery and try it out for fun later
1.) Tekno RC 1/8 ET48.3 Competition Truggy Kit TKR5602 - $570
2.) Hobbywing EZRUN MAX8-V3 Brushless Esc (59.3mm x 48mm x 36.8mm) + Program Card - $130
3.) Hobbywing - Ezrun 4274sl 2200kv Black Sensorless Motor (42mm O.D. x 74mm L) - $84
4.) Airtronics MX-V 3CH 2.4GHZ FH2 Pistol Radio & RX (36.2mm x 26.5mm x 16.3mm) - $100
5.) Solar D772 Servo (23 spline???) (41.3mm L x 21.2mm W x 40mm H) - $20
6.) Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 Tires - $55
7.) Tekno R/C TKR5251 Aluminum Servo Horn 23T Spline - $14
8.) T-bone racing 57007 - TBR 1/8 NM Front Bumper - $20
9.) Tekno RC Pinion Gear 15T M5(MOD1/5mm Bore/M5 Set Scrw) TKR4175 - $12
10.) 1 Can of 3 oz. Tamiya Spray RC Car Paint for Lexan Bodies - $10
All of the above look reasonable except for maybe the servo. For something with such large tires, you want something with some decent torque and build quality. I've had decent luck with their servos in 2wd buggies, but they do slop out and strip out sooner than some others I've tried. The stats on that one should be fine though, so it SHOULD work fine. For the servo horn, consider the TKR5251b which adds another hole closer to the servo spline. This will slow steering response down, but be nicer to the servo and be like adding more torque to the servo. I would probably also run with the servo saver an extra turn more loose than we normally run (as the kit will tell you) for racing.
1.) Will the MT4 G3 MT Tires fit without rubbing the sides of anything or would I need extensions? What extensions if needed? Tekno runs a standard 17mm hex so all 17mm standard truggy offset wheels will work. If memory serves, those wheels/tires have a little deeper dish/hex so you want to run the +2mm offset hexes to widen the vehicle and give them more clearance. If you search the thread, or the 'net in general, for Overkill's build, there should be more info on this.
2.) Are the wheel hexes on the stock kit 17mm? Yep
3.) Will the motor and esc fit? They should, but it'll be a tight fit. Folks have used that ESC with the 3mm longer Tekin Truggy motor though, so you should be good.
4.) Will the Airtonics RX fit in the stock receiver box? The stock receiver box is pretty big and will fit pretty much any and all receivers with room to spare.
5.) If I put airtronics RX's in my other RC's can I bind the airtronics radio to multiple cars so I can control all of my cars with one radio? Any quality radio that isn't the base model of a brand will do this.
6.) What do I need to buy so I can have rechargable batteries in the airtronics radio? Is there a charger cord so I can keep NiMH batteries in the radio? Any radio will allow for normal rechargeable batteries, though they won't last anywhere near as long on a charge as your normal alkalines. I just use a normal charger with mine, rather than using the radio to charge. One shouldn't recharge most rechargeables until they're dead, so I just have 2 sets and when I take one out I let my normal AA charger "recondition" or "cycle" the AAs down to nothing and back up to full while I'm running the other set. Some radios have easy conversions to using LiFe packs as well, but that's an additional and different purchase.
7.) Can you waterproof (splash proof) the stock receiver box? How? I know the airtronics RX is waterproof but I would feel better if the box was because of the exposed servo wires being plugged into the RX. It is an enclosed box, held in with screws. It does, however, have 3 holes in the lid (for screws) and 2 cutouts on the sides for allowing wires in and out. It wouldn't be hard to shoe goo those once you put the wires in. It wouldn't be completely waterproof since there's no rubber seal on it, but it would definitely be splash proof.
8.) Is the 44/15 gear ratio ok? Will it overheat the engine with MT tires? I usually lite bash with about 1/3 to 1/2 throttle. I don't hit top speed for long periods of time. Suggestions on a better gear setup? For speed type runs, the 2200 will be better and more fun and that gearing is probably fine. For more track type conditions where you'd be constantly doing throttle and brake around the track, the 2000 will give you more gearing options.
9.) Hobby wing has a quicrun 4074 2000kv motor would this be better? See above comment.
10.) Can I run through a whole 4s - 6500 mah pack without worrying about motor temps if I bash around at 1/3 to 1/2 throttle? Probably, but this will depend on any number of factors including the surface (thick grass will heat things up faster, as will heavy throttle and brake back to back).
11.) If I wanted to throw a 6s in this thing on occasion would I have to worry about temperatures? I know it isn't set up efficiently for 6s but would it be ok? You would send any 4s motor over max RPM on 6s. It would probably survive for a speed run or two, but wouldn't survive doing so normally.
12.) Does anyone know if the Solar 772D servor is 23 spline? I know this isn't the best servo but I have had a lot of luck with it's durability. And I can by 5 of them for the price of a Hitec. So hopefully 5 will outlast a hitec? I can't remember on the spline count, but another budget servo worth looking at is the bluebird line. They're definitely more expensive than the Solar, but generally not as expensive as equivalent Hitecs. Here's an example:
13.) Will this setup do wheelies? Any truggy will do wheelies with appropriately high center diff fluid.
14.) Would 500k oil in the center diff, 100k front, 30k rear be a good setup? This would probably bash ok, but is super high for diff fluids. Racing tends to run from 5-20k in the diffs, so I highly doubt you need to go as high as 500k. Maybe 50k-100k in the middle and front would be good for what you're trying to do, but I'm just guessing there. Overkill's build should mention his, which are a bit higher because of the oversized motor he used.
15.) Would 50 wt shock oil in all shocks be ok? Should be fine. Most folks (not me) run a little stiffer than is in the kit for oils. Kit oils are 650cst front and 600cst rear. See the comparison charts posted a few posts back to see what that is for AE or Losi. If you want to do lots of jumping, you may want stiffer springs to go with the stiffer oils.
16.) Estimate on how long I can run on a 4s-6500 mah lipo running 1/3 to 1/2 throttle? I'd like to get over 20 minutes if possible. This will depend a lot on how hard you pull the trigger when you do, and what the surface is. A 6500 4s lipo can generally make a truggy last 10-12 minutes in the hands of a high end aggressive race driver, or 15-20 minutes in the hands of a less aggressive race driver. If you're not doing a lot of braking for corners like on a course, that should help your run times.
17.) Can anyone compare this build to a Thunder Tiger MT4 G3. Would it be a lot more durable? Would it be more fun to drive? Worth an extra $500 bucks? Is there a lot of parts support in the US? I can't compare to the TT other than to say the Tekno is in a different league of quality from almost anything. There is tons of parts support for Tekno in the US, and parts support continues to grow. Most local rc shops now stock Tekno, any of them should be able to order it (all the major distributors have Tekno available), and all the online resellers have it available.
18.) Any additional comments, tips, or suggestions? The smile after you drive it is infectious and doesn't go away...people might think it is weird, so have them try driving it too!
I've pretty much had both my RTR's torn apart and rebuilt including the diffs and shocks. I can do basic soldering (deans connectors, bullet connectors, 10awg to 26 awg wires) - no tedious small integrated circuit soldering (12v LED light strips are the smallest thing I have soldered). I have access to a hand held drill, dremel, jigsaw, plyers, wrenches, and screw drivers. I don't have a drill press, band saw, table saw, or CNC machine. So I can't do detailed work with metal cutting and fabrication.
You'll want a quality 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5mm hex driver for the build. Highly helpful is a shock tool (the Tekno one is AMAZING, TKR1115). Basic soldering is all you'll need for the build otherwise. The kit goes together REALLY easily and the instructions are great (you can download them ahead of time from to take a look).
Thanks a lot for reading my post and thanks for any helpful answers to my questions and any additional suggestions. Sorry if some of these things have been asked before. "
Mar 28, 2016
Mar 29, 2016
Hahaha. Thanks for quoting my responses from over there to here! :)
Mar 29, 2016
Mar 29, 2016
You know, I did not realize that, it is such a long thread! I just got this truggy and was just doing more research on it. I went with Mamba Monster X ESC for the waterproofing and the Tekin Truggy 4038 1350kv motor, it should come in Friday! I went with that motor so I can run 6s and not over heat, also that motor is sensored the Mamba motor is not. I was also looking at the TP 4070 4Y winding, the thing looks like a beast.
Mar 29, 2016
Mar 29, 2016
Been looking for some shock spring socks for this Truggy. Any Ideas? I see them on EBay but for the UK.
Mar 29, 2016
Mar 30, 2016
bookmark_border AMain and Tower Hobbies will also have them. Can't remember who the european distributor is though.
Mar 30, 2016
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