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Nov 25, 2014
Just received these! these sound amazing! Definitely sound better than my Phillips downtown(not sure if that's a surprise or not) I ended up using the medium-size wide-bore black ear tips, as I find they fit my ear the best & provide the nicest sound. Changing the ear tips really makes a huge difference with these, the lows amount/mids/highs changes by quite a bit. There's a good balance between lows & mids(though the lows are a bit too weak for my taste), but the highs are a bit too bright for me, so I changed the EQ settings to add a bit of lows, and lower the highs, not by a big amount though(1-2 clicks). I'm using these with the Galaxy note II & boeffla sound, Poweramp with "direct Volume control" enabled, and only EQ enabled('Tone', 'Limit' options diabled) and It's able to drive these pretty well(and pretty damn loud! so I have to keep the volume setting at less than 5-6 clicks most of the time). Audio files I tested: Some Pop, alternative Rock, Rap - Flac ~1000-1100Kbps 44.1Khz.
Really happy with these, except for the audio jack, seems too weak, I've looped a string around the cable near the connector in hopes that that'll make it bend less & prolong the headphones's life :)
Nov 25, 2014
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