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Uncommon Carry Cube Lamp

Uncommon Carry Cube Lamp

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Product Description
Sometimes, it’s good to bring something new to the table—especially when it comes to lighting. Uncommon Carry’s Cube Lamp is a clever little lighting device that brings the power of geometry and see-through acrylic to your bedside table or desk Read More

Feb 19, 2024
These are 5$ AUD at kmart, on what planet is this not a massive scam
You can get this exact same thing for $15 on AliExpress, what a joke. Went from Massdrop to Dropshipping
Feb 16, 2024
yet another scam on drop. honestly the fact this is allowed is so disgusting I'm done, drop you're now straight to the spam box, I'm never ordering a single thing from you again because you allow scams like this
CrosshairsLiterally $15 on AliExpress
I've always liked these, but I'm not going to pay $20 over what Amazon charges for the same type of item. Hard pass.
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