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Dec 16, 2013
If Massdrop asked me the best course of action, my answer would be: Refund people's money and, optionally, try to find another, reliable, source for legit M100s for a future drop. That they are even offering $50 credit is, to me, and admirable gesture of goodwill, not obligation. Others may call that damage control, but the difference is that I trust Massdrop has been negotiating in good faith. If anything, Massdrop has mitigated the potential damage to me. Thanks for that.
A drop is a group purchase organized by Massdrop for the purpose of achieving more favorable terms from a vendor. If that product can't be had at that price from that vendor, then the deal doesn't happen, and all I would expect is a refund. Why would I expect Massdrop to pay more to get it direct from V-Moda and then express ship it to me? If I pre-ordered a PS4 but my local store wasn't allocated enough units by Sony, I don't expect them to buy one from ebay for $700 and overnight it to me.
I don't feel that Massdrop owes me a M100 at their loss, nor do I feel that they must give me money to buy it elsewhere, nor do I expect refunds to have been processed within 20 hours of Steve's message considering the recalled units are still in transit. Other than the erratic communication, I can't really fault Massdrop. Sure, it's disappointing to not receive something you've wanted and been waiting for, especially this time of year, but I wouldn't punish them for that.
Dec 16, 2013
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