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Work Louder Creator Board

Work Louder Creator Board

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Product Description
Mechanical keyboards already provide an excellent outlet for modification and creativity—but the Work Loud Creator Board takes that concept to new extremes. This modular keyboard pack comes with separate board sections that can be swapped in and out, or modified further, for endless tinkering Read More

A shame it still doesn't support alternate bottom row layouts.
Jul 6, 2023
Why isn't the spacebar a Grid? Or can I choose Grid?
May 16, 2023
Can't believe I missed the drop on this it looks so cool
Nov 3, 2023
PCgaming4everit's back
Apr 20, 2023
Are issues mentioned in this video fixed in the version that is for sale at Drop?
Faust3DYes they have been fixed✅ - Mike // founder @ work louder
Apr 23, 2023
work_louderDo you have a list of all the changes made since then? Also, is the spacebar still not stabilized?
I have admired the Work Louder projects for seems like a long while now. Very interesting ideas, they have. Why I do not already own some of their works escapes me at the moment. Did I mention, very interesting? And another thought; I have not one, but two Drop OLKB PLANCK v6 kits that I have not put together either. Hmm, it may be that my problem is me.
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