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Mar 8, 2019
Here's a good hack tested by using an almost identical Nissan product: Put drinking water in the top container, freeze it, and then put it on top of the stack to keep your cold food cold the whole day! And you can have a cold drink to boot when the ice melts! (Of course, you're trading off more food for more cold, but the method has not left me wanting -- three containers of food is working out well. ) Qualification: This method places the Nissan in a soft-sided insulated lunch bag, which helps keep it cold, but am confident the contents will keep cold the whole day without the aid of an insulated outer container / bag -- typically, will have a substantive piece of ice left over in the top container at the end of the day if eating late. You'll experience condensation on the top of the bento container -- good idea to put the bento in some sort of bag for extra insulation. . . . Pulled the Nissan out of storage when considering this drop and started using it again for cold lunches, and came up with the hack a few days in, when thinking how to maximize cold retention. It's helped to minimize weight, as typically would have multiple oversized containers within the insulated lunch bag along with one of those ice bricks you put in the freezer. Am planning to make lunches ahead of time in multiple bento containers to speed up the morning routine. Hope this helps and enjoy your new Zojirushi :-)
Mar 8, 2019
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