Oct 8, 2018

gaming mouse recommendation

any recommendations for a decent cheap gaming mouse

Logitech G900, expensive but worth it in my opinion.
I agree with the Logitech G502 Proteus. There's Proteus Spectrum or non Spectrum options. The Spectrum just adds RGB, if you don't care about that then get the regular Proteus to save a little more money. The weight and feel of the mouse is superb and it is extremely accurate. It also comes with weights to put inside so you can fine tune the weight of the mouse to your preference. Be sure to pick up a good mousepad for it and install the Logitech gaming software to tune the mouse to the surface it will be on.
Hey, I would recommand Steel Series 300。They can be purchased for 40 dollars ususally. I got mine 30$. Wonderful mouse that arent vey expensive. If you want to get to expensive side, Stell Series 600, is the one you will look for
The Logitech G502 is one of the best mouse out there at a reasonable price. It has a very good sensor that can higher than what you need and has many programmable buttons. It isn't very flashy RGB wise, but it gets the job and I have had it for years now.
Yeah same its awesome
Have you ever checked out the YouTube channel or website from rocketjumpninja?