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Zen Pond IV – God’s creation artisan keycaps

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The origin of Koi fishes has been wildly popular in Japan and China, symbolizing a spirit of strength and perseverance, not to mention their meaning of good fortune, success, prosperity, and ambition. You know the story. So today, why not dive into the tale of Koi in the Eden world of Jelly Key? It’s a genuinely different yet extraordinary story, we promise. Who are the artists? If you are a Jelly Key fan, it is very likely that you already know what types of magical creatures are living in the Eden world: Dragons, Betta, and Koi. Each of them has a specific role and duty to make Eden a more heavenly place than it already is. But these creatures are not the only ones guarding this entrancing land as it is such a boundless fairy place where the most divine beings stay and rule the other worlds. There must be someone to train and control the creatures, given their incredible superpowers. They are the mighty gods and goddesses with the most powerful magic of all, choosing the creatures as their sidekick partners to give Eden ultimate protection.
Similar to the previous collections of Zen Pond, we made the Kois in very small size. Don’t be concerned by this tiny scale because you can still recognize very lively details inside the keycaps just under the size of a pinkie tip. In particular, the Koi fins are especially highlighted on their bodies to make it most visible and animated regardless of their size. A whole new way to Koi making In Zen Pond 4 we choose a completely new production technique that has never been used before at Jelly Key to take another step in innovating this unique collection. The technique creates 3 parallel color rays, resulting in a high and realistic contrast on the background. This particularly helps highlight the beautiful Koi fish. The Kois are then made with different depth levels to create special Eden effects. This step takes a lot of time to do, especially when it comes to working with Koi fish as they are placed on various layers of clear resin. The amount of time and efforts is much more than other Zen Pond collections but it is very rewarding because we can produce an another amazing collection of God’s creation. Coloring the Kois – tough work! Moving on to color and effect formation, again, it takes the Pouring Art of mixing alcohol ink with resin to produce this magical series. It conveys abstract and random aspects of expression. The reaction of alcohol ink in resin brings a hypothetical effect occasionally used in interior design for some specific purposes. Its elegant fluids play a crucial role in raising the power of imagination. In the collection, we apply 3 to 5 layers of paint for each keycap so the colors can have a certain thickness and be clearer to our eyes. More importantly, these color tones are entirely based on real Koi fish to increase their authenticity. This is also the hardest thing we faced during the production of Zen Pond IV. It’s very challenging to paint the fishes and keep them spirited as much as possible. Not to mention that we also made Cherry, SA and OEM profiles for all keycaps in the collection, which induced another difficulty in detail layout as the space in this profile is typically short.
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