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Check out what people are saying.
Want to dive into a specific topic? The Talk section is the best place to ask questions, get answers, give and receive recommendations, and talk about anything you like within a given subject.
Have a question or useful info to share? Click here: www.massdrop.com/trading-card-games/talk

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Each community has a section where you can upload photos. Showing off your pictures is a great way to share what you’re passionate about and reach others in the community. Upload your photos here: www.massdrop.com/trading-card-games/talk/photos/new See all community photos here: www.massdrop.com/trading-card-games/talk/photos

Do more of what you love.
Find every deck, sleeve, and storage box you need in the Drops section of the Trading Card Games Community. If something you’re interested in isn’t available right now, click “Request” and you’ll be notified when the drop comes back.
See all Trading Card Games drops here: www.massdrop.com/trading-card-games/drops

Vote for what you want.
Creating polls is a great way to gauge interest in a product or category within a community. Each poll has a discussion section, as well, for responses and debate.
Here’s a list of some polls you can vote on right now: · Trading Card Game Deck Boxes: https://www.massdrop.com/vote/Trading-Card-Game-Deck-Boxes · Best of Yu-Gi-Oh! Structure Decks: www.massdrop.com/vote/-Best-Of-Yu-Gi-Oh-Structure-decks Create your own here: www.massdrop.com/poll/create?communityUrl=trading-card-games See all Trading Card Games polls here: https://www.massdrop.com/search/trading-card-games/polls

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