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Best gaming mouse?

For gaming and for general perhaps.
Nothing too expensive but i do have a decent budget.

Depends on your hand size. I personally use the Steelseries Rival 300 and it's held up for a long time now and still going strong. It's a balanced mouse for both productivity and gaming. Logitech g402 is one of the best mouse out there as well.
I use the logitech g502. My friend uses a mionix castor. I'm familiar with both.
I would recommend the Naos 7000 over the 8200, since the 8200 uses a laser sensor. Sadly the 7000 and castor don't have dpi indicators. The mionix software UI is also very small on a monitor. The braided cord for the castor is much higher quality than the g502. My hand is 7.5 inches from palm to middle finger. The castor is very comfortable but the g502 fits better. Castor has very loud switch click compared to the g502.
Best price for the Naos and castor are on the Microsoft store. I got my g502 on amazon for $60
Logitech G Pro for FPS and general because the laser is probably one of the best Logitech G900 for MMOs for all the buttons and the feel of them Mionix Naos 8200 for Comfort because the ergonomics are A+
Cheers for the suggestions