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How do I set fan curves on a custom loop?

I am going to attempt my first ever custom water cooling loop and I am using all EK parts. My question is how do is set my fan curves based on the coolant temperature. On my AIO it does this via a USB cable and installed software, there is no software or link to the EK water pump. ??
ASUS X99 Strix Gaming mobo.

I think there's a couple different options. There's often an option that can be accessed through the BIOS, but sometimes it's not customizable enough. My Gigabyte X470 board has a software I downloaded, which allows the same adjustments I can make in the BIOS, but in Windows instead. It works real well. Then there's Speedfan, which is a software that does the same thing, but better. It just takes a while to set up and understand how to use.
On the ASUS X99 Strix you can also use ASUS Fan Expert software, it works pretty well and is part of the larger ASUS AI Suit, but no need to install the optional Extra's. With said software you can then control any fans (or pumps) connected to the motherboad fan headers.
What pump do you have exactly from EK. Most of the ones you can control the RPM are done so via PWM and can keep it running at whatever rate you want, there is no specific EK software to control this. Similarly you can also control the speed of any devices via Q-Fan in ASUS's UEFI / BIOS's but you lost some options and flexibility.
Thanks a lot for the tip. I have the Xres140 pump/res. I ordered a temp sensor plug to stick in one of the g1/4 ports and your right that the mobo has a temp sensor pin. Should be able to have the fan curves in fan expert adjust according to the temp sensor(coolant temp).
I is done through the fan controller on higher end fans. I use either Corsair, Thermaltake Premium, and Noctua fans. Most of those have a fan controlling software that controls speed along with RGB.
you need to do it either through the bios or by using a third party program. I use speed fan, it is not something that you can just use to control your fans upon installation, you will need to add your fans which is pretty easy to do, and once that is done you can set custom fan curves or adjust as needed. It gives you the temps on everything from your cpu and GPU to your ambient, system, and auxiliaries on the board. It is freeware but I would suggest downloading it only from the speedfan website as other sites have added bloatware to the program. I hope that helps.