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Richard Mille RMS05

It will set you back $105,000, but it only takes short standard international cartridges.
Possibly the most advanced vanishing nib ever made.
MD x RM anyone?

If you want to know more:
Duncan, AlexPk, and 1 other

Wow!!! I don't even know what to say. Buy a house or a pen???? Thinking.....🧐....yeah no! I'm certain that I'm the wrong target audience for this. I had to read the price twice just to make sure I was understanding that this is over @ $100.000!!!
Too slow, too fat, not even cool. Thats all I have to say about that.
So we getting a drop for this? Lol
Probably the most unnecessarily visually complicated fountain pen I've seen in years, this is what happens when you allow a hi-end wrist watch designer to design a pen. Thank you, I prefer not to carry an entire timber factory worth of pointy spinning things in my pocket.
holy what-the-hell-am-I-looking-at?!?!?!
Jolt Inktober day 30

the heck with the 8 gods set. I need a mortgage for this. Though a speed adjustment would be necessary.
If Rube Goldberg designed a fountain pen...
What’s the deal with the glove? At this price I expect a sonic screwdriver. Strike that. I want Banksy to design a pen, that with the push of a button,shreds itself. But only partially.
The gloves are to protect the eyes of the people watching the demonstration from the neglected cuticles of the demonstrator
Now that's an impressive piece of art / engineering. I wonder if the diameter and weight make it cumbersome to write with.
It's massive but not absurdly so. There are conventional fountain pens of similar size. It's also made of NTPT carbon, the "movement" is titanium. I imagine (and that's all I can do) that it is quite usable.
I'm going to buy a mega millions ticket before Tuesday. You have my word that I'll buy one of those for you if I win