Oct 22, 2018

A 52" Square Gaming Desk Mat: AKRacing? Massdrop?

Bit of a bee in my bonnet on this one. Years ago, as in 2013 or so, I accrued a couple of corner glass desks. These desks now sit on a concrete floor with a hodge-podge of various carpets, throw rugs, and other assorted floor covering items. I'd really like to, at some point, be able to actually have these desks sitting on a full contiguous floor covering of some kind.
Only... there... isn't anything that fits these corner style desks and the chair space they offer. Most under-desk mats cap out a 48" square. Those that go larger are something like 48"x60", or 48"x72", or 37"x72". So if you have a desk whose w/d measurements are 51"x51"... it's either deal with a local rug merchant for a custom cut carpet... or just make do with a variety of different floor coverings.
Then I saw the AKRacing Gaming Chair Mat... which is 39" in diameter. Then I read that AKRacing makes all of their own gear in house...
Which got me to wondering... what would it take to get a 52"x52" version of AKRacing's chair mat?
Something that could actually go under the legions of pre-existing corner desks and support both the desk and the chair...
Am I the only person who just... doesn't understand why this market isn't already being addressed?

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