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Sep 5, 2022
ah yes "burn in"
Jake_farmer06In reply to your comment, I took the time to type out a full review, but in writing my finishing thoughts, my page refreshed, and now my review is gone, and I am mildly demoralized... I took notes at both one hour and at thirteen and a half hours, a good portion of the characteristics I noted on that first hour's listen remained true. The noted inability to resolve a piano out of box was not something that remained a constant at or past thirteen hours. That aside, these are u-shaped treble cannons and somewhat niche. If someone explicitly wants this for its smaller build, go for it, there aren't many IEM this small. For anyone else looking to invest in Moondrop though, save a few more dollars, buy an Aria, it's a higher fidelity, it will serve you better.
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