SA "Holdem" Keycaps

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Base Kit (Base Alphas, Base Modifiers)

Numerics, Custom Modifiers and Extras, High Roller Set

Inspired from casino poker table color scheme, I decided to create a keycap set with some unorthodox keycap concept, especially on the R1 Row for numbers and glyphs/symbols.
The typeface I used mostly are sans-serif for the alphabets, condensed sans-serif for modifiers, and some serif and/or Egyptian style typefaces. The numbers/symbols R1 row incorporate playing cards numerical typeface (1 to 0) while maintaining small but readable glyphs/symbols on top of the numbers.
I knew the typefaces used here are not common with current/existing keycap sets designed/produced by branded/renowned keycap manufacturers, but I felt that in order to create the ambience of a poker table, I was urged to utilize "irregular" typeface to make this set really felt like you're seated in a game of Texas Hold'em Poker. Playing cards' symbols and characters are implemented into the High Roller Set, along with a touch of familiar objects in a poker game such as chips, "snake eyes", as well as some terms affiliated with the game itself (small blind, big blind, dealer, etc.)
Quickly summed, this keycaps set's specification that I have in mind:
  • SA Profile
  • ABS Dye-sublimated (For the sake of "glossy" look of the keycaps, in order to bring out the shiny nuance of poker table elements)
  • Letterings colors : White & Yellow
  • Keycap colors : Jet Black, Casino Table Canvas Green and Bloody Red (more specific color swatch such as Pantone or SP's color chips are TBD)
  • Manufacturer : TBD
In my opinion, I would rather have the keycaps made as SA profile keycaps rather than DSA or OEM profile, just because I believe it will look beautiful on a custom board with simple, elegant colors or textures such as Black anodized or even Wood-textured cases. I haven't had a chance to make this set rendered yet, so in the future maybe I will be posting up the rendered images of the keycaps with SA profile.
As for manufacturer, I can't really say for now (to make the keycap set price/production cost reasonable enough) whether I choose SP (Signature Plastics) or a renowned China keycap manufacturer.
What do you guys think? Oh, and lastly, any helpful inputs/insights is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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