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Help me Narrow down the Gaming Headphones i want to buy

Hey everyone . I Know nothing about audio and have learned a lot by posting and reading in other forums and the talks here. I have narrowed down the headphones I think might be a good match for me. The headphones will be only used for gaming and all different types of games from mmo, survival , rpg and fps.
I will be buying an g5/g6, or gsx 1000. That's another debate but for now I want to just finalize my checkout on Amazon for headphones and modmic 5 or snowball mic (most likely modmic).
The headphones I currently am thinking of are:
Dt 990 pro special edition black
Sennheiser 598sr
Massdrop k7xxMassdrop
Ath-ad 700x or 900x

I think I am leaning on the dt 990 but need the final opinion and advise from all of you.
Thanks in advance

I have a shitload of headphones and for a somewhat cheap setup that is actually quite good. I recommend the gsx 1000 and GSP 600 combination (be sure to follow the instructions when installing the gsx 1000)
Not sure where you live so in turn prices (here in UK they drop low on Amazon now and then), but would take a peek at AKG 712 Pro’s. They are by far some of the best headphones I have used for gaming. Of the other ones you listed I own /have owned the AKG 7xx, HD6xx and HD598se and 712s are my fav. The 712s have a wide soundstage but not as massive as the 7xx which boarders on unrealistic in my opinion. Similarly find it hits the right spots in terms of fun and being analytical. But all personal preference but worth a peek if price on these is reasonable enough. For music it’s slightly better the the 7xx as it’s not as massive on the soundstage and slightly enjoyable up top. I am okay with either those or my HD6XX for music listening or various other headphones.
Hey thanks at the moment the akg 712 pros seem to be around 500$ Out of my current price range
Ouch! yeah that is very expensive. Never quiet sure how the 712's priced! now and then seem to have some real nice deals which is when I snagged mine. Best of luck either way!
For gaming I use the GSX 1000 and my 598se with a desktop mic. Not sure what other people use but I can say from experience that the setup I have is outstanding. I went to a desktop mic because all of the other mics I used had broken within months. After my antlion broke I gave up on that type and am glad I did because I have not had any problems since the switch.

Is that custom watercooling I see ??
It is, a very crappy custom job because it is my machine and I just wanted to get it done. The piping needs to be redone so I can get my lines straight. I just can't seem to get the motivation to redo it after spending all day everyday doing custom builds for my customers. It will honestly probably stay that way until I upgrade the cpu and motherboard. I have a 9900k and maximus xi formula just sitting in their boxes under my desk waiting to go in but again, I just don't have the motivation to do it. lol
The AKG K7XX has a very wide soundstage. Very good for telling the position of footsteps. But in terms of music, it is too wide and almost unbelievable. The only other headphone on that list I have heard is the 6XX. The music quality (separation, neutrality, etc.) of the 6XX is amazing. So it will be a great headphone to have when you are doing other things besides gaming.