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Please help me getting the imho best possible keyboard

First things first: I am using a Microsoft Sidewinder X6 now without the modular Numpad becuase there is only limited space on my desk. A new keybaord should not be bigger than 400x250x70mm.
I did some digging on the internet to find some nice , but one of them is 100% the one I'm thinking of.
My short list of needs
  • backlight (red or orange or RGB individuel)
  • TKL or with Numpad but then withou the keyblock between (ins, del, home, end...)
  • metal frame
  • floating keys
  • volume control
  • Anti-Ghosting / N-Key rollover
  • german layout
Nive to have
  • USB-Hub
  • cabel - I don't need another wireless device, if it's not the perfect keyboard in my eyes
  • wrist rests
I stumbled across these keyboards, but as I said, none of them seems perfect to me
  • Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum (but why is there so much plastic on the left side? Is it a handle?)

  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard For Business (mostly because its ergonomic)

  • ASUS ROG Claymore Core (but I don't like that pattern on surface)

  • Corsair K65 LUX RGB Compact (for now, it seems this is the best I can get)

Here at Massdrop I found


I really like the offered sandwich case in red or orange, the black on grey key caps (are there transparent on black key caps somewhere? Haven't seen any).



But it's only 60%, a little to small in my opinion and even it it's fully programmable, I miss a dedicated volume control and I'm not sure I am good in soldering...
Last thing about the switches: I tried a lot keyboards, the differences doesn't really matter to me, except one thing: typing should be as silent as possible. So I think Cherry MX Black might be the best for me.
I know this is a lot to think of, but perhaps someone has an idea. Otherwise I will buy Corsair K65 LUX RGB Compact in a couple of weeks and will have to live with it's weaknesses.
Thanks for reading so far with patience. I really hope someone has an idea...

Jan 16, 2017
Hello CosmicBlue (Moin, Moin :))
just some thoughts, even though i love MD a lot, this isn't the best place to ask for help in regards of your special needs like ISO-DE. Outside Europe (ISO-DE countrys) people will have a hard time to have knowledge about options/market. Better places might be Computerbase: or Hardwareluxx: for their German communities as example. You might have looked by yourself? Not much left to choose, without going for a diykit with soldering and a dedicated volume control will still not be given, Fn+xxx is the way given.
It's understandable to get the best fitting your needs, but sometimes the combination of this needs might be very limiting :( Enough for now as first feedback.
Viel Glück/good luck
Jan 16, 2017
Thanks for your reply. I searched Geizhals already, so yes, there isn't much left. Fn+xxx as volume control would do it for me. If it comes to soldering... Well, may it be, I would try my best. I'll read the rest (first both links) as soon as I can. Thanks a lot.
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