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IDABOS ID67, AKKO Jellyfish switched and MT3 Jukebox.


Apr 26, 2022
The red case goes great with that keyset. Do you use the numpad for work?
May 13, 2022
You and I are probably about the same age, judging from when you graduated. I've only been in design for about 10 years, 7 professionally, but it's because I started out in Fine Art. Re-evaluated my options when the housing bubble burst, and wanted something more stable. Anyway, my background is totally different! I spent the first few years helping to build up an advertising agency with a guy who was very similar to me, but he was extremely loose in how he worked, so no alt-code stuff (he'd worked doing billboards at some point). But, also, he came from Corel programs from the 90s. I've done a bunch of branding stuff, lots of illustration, logos and packaging. Moved away from agency stuff (for now), and work in non-profit currently. It's funny, because I'd say my wheelhouse is very much InDesign and Illustrator. Photoshop is absolutely my weakest of the 3, so I couldn't do what you're doing (which makes it really interesting to me, to be honest). That's really cool stuff, far less rigid than the type design I tend to be doing. I imagine the perks of working for the military are pretty great. I actually applied for a design job for a small air force base when I was in college. They, oddly, turned me down saying I was "too experienced" despite me having exactly 0 experience.
postwarscarsBoooooo Corel. We had that here back in the day and I was forced to use it/ learn it! Turns out the senior designer (at the time) got her degree when they were still cutting Rubylith and Corel was HER choice of program. Not long after I was hired three more new college grads were hired. We quickly convinced the gov to upgrade. Let me say that clean, simple design is no cakewalk! It takes some serious creative juices to design something minimal that doesn't look like everyone else. I remember working on a 49 page catalog for aluminum door sills and feeling completely stymied. My direction, (and I Quote) "make it sexy!". After TONS of product photog and pages upon pages of option tables, I did it! I made a sexy catalog for door sills! The final product was printed on uncoated 100lb (maybe 80lb) paper and I have to say, it was pretty sexy. My weakest program is probably illustrator. I know my way around Illustrator, but I wouldn't say I'm an expert. Yes, the perks are pretty sick, but getting here (background check, security clearance) takes a few months and not everyone gets through. Pretty tough to see a good friend not make the cut after you convince them to apply. All in all I'm very happy here! I say that after experiencing the not happy, the micromanaged, the poorly paid and often underappreciated side of employment. It's good to finally get there!
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