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Any Interest in a CD Player/Transport?

Looked through previous drops and can't find any. Maybe it's time? CDs are old school, but there's still a ton around. I'd be interested in the following: Olasonic Nano CD1, Teac PD-301, Denon DCD50, Pro-Ject CD Box S.
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As mentioned... old school. Some of us still like seeing album art. I get CDs aren't for everyone.
I am definitely all for this, and I am looking into exactly the same models that you list - they are the smallest cd transports there are, which is what I need.
What's the value in using a CD over a lossless rip?
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What I miss most about physical media is going to the record shop and sifting through the new releases!
Yeah I dearly miss the days of browsing through rack upon rack. I also miss the Best Buy/Circuity city CD Price War. I picked up some damn fine albums between 4 and 9 bucks back in the day.