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Some good headphones to move up from my HyperX Cloud II's?

First post :) hello! I've been using HyperX Cloud II for almost 2 years now, and was using Cloud Core for a year before that. I love it as a headset but I'm now wanting to move on to something bigger and better. For a little bit more details as to what I use it for, there's the obvious watching YouTube/Twitch, playing games, offline and online, chatting with friends, watching movies and listening to music. I'm very much an audiophile and almost always buy my favorite CDs so I can get FLAC versions of my favorite songs. I want headphones that let me hear things I've never heard before in all my favorite activities. I'm picking up a standalone microphone very soon because I've become a little tired of gaming headsets and want something completely separate and made for all the things I like to do. All of these may be somewhat unrelated but if anyone has used something for most of, or all of these purposes, I am definitely on the hunt and will take any recommendations. I should also add I much prefer the pleather style instead of the velvet option that the Cloud II's have, and that preference will more than likely carry over to any headphones I plan to buy, unless there is one with the velvet earcups that gives it that closed, tight sound I like so much.

If you like the closed, tight sound without velour as you described, that would knock the HD58X, HD6XX and K7XX out of the picture, decent headphones though they may be. Remaining in the budget tier would be the HE4XX, but I'm not sure if it will be good enough for you. Stretching to around $500+ would bring some pretty impressive headphones within your reach, such as the Focal Elex, Hifiman Edition XX and Fostex TR-X00 depending on your preferences. These are all planar magnetic or dynamic headphones- I'm assuming you wouldn't want electrostats due to extra measures to take in their configuration PS: Grats on your first post! You're off on a solid start :)
Thank you for the suggestions! The K7XX has a leather cup option which sounds really great to me so I'm still interested in those, but the HE4XX has definitely caught my attention and is probably going to be the one I go with.
True, but purchasing the dekoni pads increases cost significantly, and I'm not sure the results will pay off as the K7XX isn't a very tight and focused sounding headphone to begin with
Stax SR-009
You could try the beyerdynamic dt 770 closed or open as they are pretty good and they have a good reputation.
My first "audiophile" headphones I got was the akg 7xx.paired it up with the shiit fulla 2(99$) and it was a great overall beginner setup. The soundstage on the akg is big as hell and there is such good sound seperation between the instruments and voice.i use it alot to play csgo and other games.but if u want more "fun" headphones with more bass go for the philips fidelio x2 or nkthing beats the bass on a closed back headphones like one of the massdrop fostex collab
ATH M50x, those are really good. Otherwise, if you live in a city and want to shut yourself away from everything else auditorywise, the Bose QuietComforts are pretty good, but a little too bassy for me, but I'm a treble person, so it might be just right for many others.
I like what I see with the M50x, looks really nice and I'm definitely going to consider it when I make my purchase.
If you like tight hd600's are definitely close, but they are extremely claustrophobic for gaming. Maybe think about HD 6xx/650 for gaming, good imaging without too much bass. Some of the t50rp mods are fun as well but they are definitely not tight. Although to be fair, if you have been using gaming headsets 'real' headphones are going to be a definite step up. Don't limit yourself too much yet. If you are looking for an option without an amp/dac shp9500s, ath m40x's and grado sre80s could serve you well.