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New to Audiophile and Need Some Help.

I just ordered a pair of HD650 and this will be my first pair of headphones I have owned in a long time, and to go along with that I ordered the Shciit Magni2Uber/Modi2Uber and plan on playing them just off off my computer because that is all I really have, anyway what I am trying to get at is will it sound better than other desktop gaming headphones ( TurtleBeach A40TR MixAmp, Logitech G930 ) when listening to Pandora/Spotify or will I have to listen to high fidelity recordings to notice a difference? And how do you even find high quality music on a computer. I dont even know if I'm even asking in the right way I am just curious how to get the best experience out of headphones on a PC. Thank you for the help!

Also sirkuttin is correct follow his advice but equipment wise your on the right track for a newbie.
Yes it will your in for a special treat my friend enjoy.
Hi Jacob, I too own the HD650. Pandora is a no. It's highest bit rate is 192. If you have the Schiit stack and have premium Spotify or pay for Google play music, those 320 bitrate mp3s will be quite good.
I must say, my setup did not sound good until I put a powered USB port replicator between my computer and the DAC. They can be had for 20 to 30 bucks for a decent one. I have an aukey version and it helped my sound a lot. You can go more expensive and get the Schiit Wyrd but the port replicator made significant improvements.
A poor choice of headphones, but I guess inevitable due to the extreme amount of bad information found online. You'll get tired of them quickly once you get over the shock of of hearing mid-fi sound for the first time in your life.
The Schiit stack mentioned is very entry level in terms of sound quality, but still much better than what your motherboard or soundcard can put out.
If you're using USB, an isolator/filter is mandatory. Schiit Wyrd, AudioQuest Jitterbug, iFi purifiers, Uptone REGEN, etc and so on.
If you're using toslink, you must get premium toslink cable, like a quartz glass cable or perhaps a high-grade plastic core cable.
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Well, they are looking for knowledge from experienced audiophiles I try to offer help. If they are just looking for group-think self-validation than I wouldn't expect them to care. There are a lot of people who want to believe that their mid-fi headphones are at, or close, to the peak of headphone performance -- simply because that is as much as they are willing to spend for whatever reason (have-nothing students generally speaking). I can't afford Raidho speakers but you won't find me pretending I have just as good and seeking groups online to validate my wrong belief.
Lol, not true, read his original post. He is asking how to get the best experience off the headphones! That's it, he said "I just got the HD 650. He went on to explain about the DAC, then you stated poor choice of headphones, not what you have or why they are bad. You can see what he has and what he spent so from there you can see what his budget is this is where the community steps in and helps. Not to criticize but to help, not to tell him how much you spend and how much you can afford! That's the truth, help that's it just help.
You made excellent choices! 👍🏼
Thank you man! It just fit my budget and I'm exited to be getting into this hobby! Hope you have an awesome day!
If you're used to Astro or any" gaming" sound, well prepare your ears for some good schiit! I went from A50s to MMX300 (Probably the best gaming headset there is imo) and finally got me a pair of AKG K7xx's. You will get a more detailed sound and everything will sound more "correct".
Takes some time to get used to, but it is so worth it!
Awesome man, really hope you are enjoying your setup! Have a good day!
I don't know why "version" creeped in HD650. Stupid suggested text!
Hi! In short, yes the Magni 2U/Modi 2U and HD650 make a good pairing. It's more than enough power to drive those Sennies. I think it is fair to suggest that they WILL sound better than any gaming headphone, especially if that headphone has been running solely out of the on-board cheap DAC on your motherboard. As for sources, your best bet is to find FLAC or other lossless versions of your favourite music; you can either source them from your own CDs, digital purchases (some artists offer FLAC versions of their albums) or through some other questionable means that I will not exactly spell out here. Foobar2000 is the program you want/need to play those files. I personally use Spotify as well, and I do find that having a good headphone hi-fi setup makes a big difference, even with streamed music.
Now, you'll encounter some people who suggest that the HD version 650s "scale" well with better and better equipment. I don't really have anything to compare to the Schiit stack, but I would be content with it for now, and if you decide to change up your setup in the future, maybe look at an OTL tube amp simply for variety. I don't think you need to be considering major upgrades, and most people would consider the HD650 and Schiit stack to be a comparable "end-game."
Enjoy it!
Thank you so much for the help, I really appreciated it!