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I want to start using a fountain pen in school.

I'm in 10th grade and about last month I thought I'd learn cursive writing, I saw how quick I was getting into it and enjoying writing I thought I'd make it more enjoyable. I have about 200 shekels to spend aprox 50$ If anyone could recommend a good fountain pen/kit, I'd appreciate it. I am probably getting a Parker pen soon since I can get it for free, but I want to know what I should look into. Thanks.

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I go for inexpensive pens. I’m left handed so easy flowing and fast drying inks work best for me. I’m an urban sketcher so flex nibs that are trouble free and don’t leak are a real favorite. Pilot metropolitans have been most reliable. But not much variety in nibs.
Love Mont Blanc Diplomat 149 with Broad nib!
The Pilot Metropolitan in fine is a great option, but I love my TWSBI Eco extra fine.
Platinum Plasir and Pilot Metropolitan are nice too for color options. Maybe $10-15 range?
The Platinum Preppy is also a good starting fountain pen, each runs ~$3.50. That is where I started with fountain pens. It also allows you to try out different nib sizes without spending a lot of money so you can find what you like before spending more money on nicer pens eventually.
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Yes , I agree with your words. But the barrel section is broken up after several uses. What is the solution?
Oh dear - I have not dealt with a broken barrel yet but I anticipate at some point it will happen. That’s why I never convert my Preppy pens to eyedroppers - I fear that such a cheap pen might crack and leak a bulletproof ink into a backpack. But for use around the house I love them.
Pilot varisty, 3 for about $8. Good way to practice and ensure you like fountain pens