The Board Podcast - Haiku Special [42:12]

Direct Link - Permalink - Thanks to Kevin travelling all of November, I thought I'd have a bit of fun with reading the Haiku's from October's competition.  Of course I also talk a little on two topics from this week. - GMK Necro ( - Razer Blackwidow Lite ( Giveaways this Month - Idea23 November Giveaway  - What should Busgamer do when he's in Sydney? - Keebio - What keysets or buy's are you waiting for to come in? - JGodinez Alps Patch - Send in a picture of where you would put the Alps Patch! News that joining us as a Sponsor! Check out my movember page at to help me out. You can enter the giveaway here - Our Instagram is at You can also catch us on Patreon ( and if you'd like to shout us some coffee, you can do so now at So, until next time, Happy Clacking :)
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