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Nov 25, 2021
More pictures on Vintage60s
I had IC posted my new project Vintage60s about a 2-3weeks ago, and here is some more pictures on Vintage60s, hope you will like it Here is different pics on the multi-layout: The HHKB layout on olivia pink The 60keys layout on milk white The 64keys layout cement gray The 68keys layout on tiffany green The 84keys layout on metallic black Please read the last post for more details. If you have any comments or recommendation, please do not hesitate to let me know, thank you!
Nov 22, 2021
Drop Keycap Club Updates
Greetings all, First off, big thank you to everyone for taking time to provide your thoughts and feedback on Keycap Club so far. We’ve been following along and watching reactions since launch and are excited to see all the chatter.  Which brings me to the meat and potatoes of this update as we have a few changes coming to the program that we wanted to share.  Eligible Products One of the things we heard the most in our conversations is that there’s only so many keycap sets you want to buy in a year.  Starting in early December, Keycap Club is going to be formally redubbed Keyboard Club, and we’re making all mech keys products eligible as part of your membership. In addition to all keycap sets you will be able to apply your monthly coupon to any switches, keyboards, desk mats, cables, and any other mechanical keyboards accessories on Drop. Monthly Discounts The second most frequent comment we received was similar to the first and had to do with the $100 cart minimum for the...
Nov 19, 2021
Licht58 by Miaomiao
This is a keyboard that designed by Miaomiao, which I think is nice, tiny and special. Compact style 58 keys HHKB layout with a volume control Pcb is QMK/VIA with hot swop and back light Sense of technology design concept Licht is Germany, which means LIGHT. In Chinese the designer actually named this keyboard called “Project Escape" (Direct translation from Chinese). "Light", "Escape"- can imagine a story behind this design. The designer actually spent totally one year to make this keyboard. So by the date it launched is already anniversary. So her first design, also her studio's anniversary. Basic package included: 1) Cnc Aluminium case 2) Gasket mount 3) Poron Pcb mat 4) Switch mat 5) Hot swop PCB with back light 6) PC positioning plate 7)Poron Gasket 8) Poron bottom mat 9) Storage bag 10) Color available: Black, White, Yellow , Titanium, Soya white Thank you for reading.
Nov 19, 2021
Any idea when HammerWorks CRP Round 3 PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set will be in stock?
Im interested in this set but have not heard any news as of yet Thx!
Nov 17, 2021
Sub-Zero Tigo
Anyone like icy cube 🥶 ❄ Countdown to raffle ❄ Hop in and join our GA on Discord
Nov 12, 2021
The first "TRUE" mullti-layout keyboard - Vintage60s
Hi everyone! I am Gary, the designer of G-Concept, long time no see! My studio had join venture with Gugu Studio who specialize in mechanical keyboard switch. So the new studio called "G Square Studio" This time I would like to introduce you my new project "Vintage60s". Another vintage look typewriter design, which is my fav! Outter shape very simple with a touch of decoration by PVD copper bits, which will look more elegrant. So what's new? and what is the special of Vintage60s? I had spent nearly a year on 60s! The reason is I want to make it special, unique, and user friendly! For the past experience tells me, some peope like the 60%, as it is small and delicate, but with the limited keys layout, it is not good enough for work or for gaming! So the 80% may preferrable. Sometimes when you want to buy a new keyboard, you may like the shape, but the layout may not suitable for you, then you start struggling buy it or not! This time I try to get this problem sort it...
Nov 11, 2021
Drop Ctrl wasd has turned into arrow keys
Something happened on my drop ctrl and now the wasd keys are arrow keys. It didn’t swap them because the arrow keys still function properly. Please help I’ve tried everything
Nov 9, 2021
Support Help
I reached out to support recently with a issue I had with The DROP ALT High Profile Barebones keyboard I recently purchased. In brief I lost the ability to use the "2/F2" key on the board. When I discovered that the Hot Swap socket on the back of the PCB fell off. When they provided my options to resolve this issue all communication has stopped. I have requested to return and replace it as this was an option they said I could choose. I was informed in that option that they would send me a return label so I can send it back and a replacement will be issued. Well since I responded with my choice all communication from DROP has stopped. Some help from Support will be greatly appreciated.
Oct 30, 2021
Will drop join the #teamsea? I would love a sea keycap to mach my tree keycap! Please make it happen!!
Anyone else want a Squid Game keycap set? 🦑🎲
I'm not a designer, but hoping someone else could be inspired. It would be cool to have a set with colours from the show, either the pastel colours of the sort of castle maze they walk through, or perhaps from some combination of the colours of guards' and players' uniforms (there is a great scene where it is just their uniforms contrasted with a white room). A Korean alphabet would be fun, or perhaps English + Korean. Some way to feature the globe of money, perhaps ₩ (Korean won) could feature somehow (Esc?). For modifiers, maybe the images from the sugar cookie game ⭐️, ☂️, etc. It would be nice to work in the guards' symbols as well somehow (🔺, 🟥, ⭕️). Thematically it should be somehow dualistic (players vs guards, childhood vs death, friends vs enemies). Bonus points if I get artisans of the guy with the low-poly-count mask, or the red-green robot girl. I think this series had a great first season and there is some gas in the tank still. I anticipate some more attention due to...
Oct 16, 2021
Survey Credit
Did anyone else who got the "Why haven't you signed up for the the Keycap Club?" survey get their 500 point credit for filling it out? I took it a few days ago and haven't seen anything yet, but I'm not sure if it's supposed to happen immediately, or after everyone's responses are collected.
Oct 12, 2021
Pokemon Spacebar keycap, is it worth $175?
Keycaps artisan
I don't know how to run my product on Can you help me?
Oct 9, 2021
Tolkien Dwarven and Elven Roadmap Preview
Designed by Matt3o Licensed by Middle-earth Enterprises MT3 PBT Dye sublimated matt3o's blog updates: Back to the roadmap
Oct 8, 2021
Noctua Set Roadmap Preview
Designed by MiTo Licensed by Noctua MT3 Profile Classic and Chromax ABS Doubleshot  Cherry profile Classic PBT Double shot Back to the roadmap
Oct 8, 2021
MiTo Banana Roadmap Preview
Designed by MiTo Cherry profile  MX stems PBT  Dye sublimated Back to the roadmap
Oct 8, 2021
Drop + admgc SA Green Screen Roadmap Preview
Designed by admgc, Harlw, and Oblotzky Signature Plastics ABS SA keys MX compatible stems Profile Rows 1-1-2-3-4-3 Doubleshot legends Semi-Matte Finish (Standard) Previous Live run: Original Interest Check: Back to the roadmap
Oct 6, 2021
The Keycap Roadmap
Heyo. I want to get this started and then will continue to update as time goes on. Full disclaimer, the schedule for keycap sets is always in flux so some sets might get pushed back and some moved forward, but I will do my best to make sure the ones that make it to this list are pretty solid.  With that out of the way, here’s the plan for the remainder of 2021. We’ll continue to update this list as launch dates get finalized, or new sets get confirmed. We’re still working on our ability to reliably forecast further into the future so hopefully this list will only continue to grow and improve. Additionally, there are a couple sets in the works that mayyyyybe will make it for 2021 or early 2022, but they are still early in planning. I’ll let you know if they get pushed into a more confirmed state of existence.  Q4 2021 Planned Launches: Preorder Sets SA Green Screen  - Closed Banana MT3 Dwarvish and Elvish - Now Live Elvish Dwarvish MT3 Retro Hater (profile tba) SA Metaverse...
So, I know that one of your product managers will see this so, here is. I really think that a lot of people will like this and here are some renders and I have a lot more in my other posts and I am not saying you have to make this a real set, I'm saying y'alls could. anyways I'm going to ask for any suggestions in the comments and I will link the other renders in there to.
Sep 30, 2021
First Custom Keyboard
Hi! I am wanting to make my first custom keyboard and I need some help... I have made a list on amazon ( of the parts I'm thinking of using and I just want some general advice and some criticism on what I can improve for it. *I am planning to make my own case for this
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