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DCX Deep Space & Booper

My Inspiration for Deep Space In 2014, I was in the market for a new keyboard. I liked the boards that some Starcraft 2 players were using, so after some Googling, I ended up on geekhack reading about the Filco Majestouch. This is when I discovered the world of mechanical keyboards and custom keycap sets. Of course, I immediately started the hunt for something purple! Since I could not find a set in the colors I wanted, I decided "why not try and make my own?" I knew exactly what shade of purple I wanted, but I was not sure about what the theme should be. Space was my first idea, but I was nervous people would expect NASA colors or black. (My vision even included sculpting a little spaceman keycap for the set.) Eventually, I got over the fear and went with my initial inspiration: Deep Space. After lurking geekhack and working on the designs for months, I finally made an account and posted my ideas for the keycap set and interest check! The rest is pretty much history, documented in the threads of geekhack. As I was coming up with the color combination, I kept a couple of things in mind. I had interest in keycap sets that did not have legends on them at all, as I thought they would force me to stop being a lazy typer! I knew that it would get annoying to actually have a legendless set (since I tried that) so I decided to make the colors for Deep Space high chroma but low contrast. There were plenty of high-contrast sets at the time, so I thought it would be cool to make something that was not super easy to read at a quick glance/in periphery, but still totally legible if you need to look. My vision was a space themed set with warm purple mods, a blue novelty set with the 9 planets for the number row, yellow orange accents and a matching cosmonaut space man keycap on the escape key! Luckily, people supported my idea enough to see it come to fruition. Who Am I? I started as a graphic/web designer by trade, but recently I have moved to making keycaps and other creations full time. The community aspect of the keyboard community is what initially sucked me in. I would frequent geekhack’s Making Stuff Together! threads where I learned to wire a keyboard, solder, make USB cables, and cast keycaps from the awesome people in the community. I started sculpting and casting keycaps initially because it seemed fun and I wanted to give away a Cosmonaut Artisan Keycap with the Deep Space Keycap Set. I had folks send me proof of purchase and then entered them in a raffle for the Cosmonaut caps, which I gave out for free. It was a super fun project, and the community was really supportive of my creations! I was inspired to make a few more sculpts including a monkey, Kewok, shark, and hare, which people really seemed to enjoy. At first, I just gave keycaps away and documented my progress in the spirit of "Making Stuff Together"—though eventually I bought a pressure pot to improve my quality so I would feel comfortable selling them. Mechanical Keyboards and the community around them are basically my life now! I have several life-long friends I've met along the way, and I'm grateful to have found a community where people support my work!



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