Nov 25, 2018

Is anyone else the owner of a particularly tiny head?

I’m a music enthusiast and play guitar, so am somewhat of an audiophile, but with much to learn. I have a couple of pairs of in ears that I use, but I’m after some headphones that are a bit more comfortable for wearing for prolonged periods of time - for using a modelling amp for guitar and watching TV shows and movies on my iPad. My issue is that I have an absolutely pea sized head, and most headphones are still too big on their smallest adjustment; the cups end up too far down past my ears. Am I the only abnormal one with this issue? Does anyone have suggestions for smaller headphones? Or do I have to live my life buying rubbish quality kids ones? Cheers!

Adding extra padding on the headband like the ZMF Pilot Pad should help as well
That’s actually a really good idea, I hadn’t even considered a suspension strap. I’ll check it out; thanks for your suggestion :)
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So I made a bit of a McGuyver I’ve out of some card and para cord to see how it would work…much better! Thanks for the suggestion…gonna drop some dough on a proper one now instead of my butchered solution. Thanks again!
Glad that it worked for you! Happy listening!
You could try fitting something like a Lohb strap to headphones to make them sit higher on the head. Other than that...I'm not sure.