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The Goldilocks Gasket

Getting the Gasket Mount Just Right Achieving a great gasket mount feel isn’t about throwing gaskets on a plate and calling it a day. The quantity of gaskets, thickness, and enclosure style, are just a few of the many factors that need to be considered. Some gasket-mount keyboards are too stiff—gasket in name only. Meanwhile, others go overboard and ultimately feel mushy. For the SENSE75, our goal was to find the right middleground to give a pleasant bounce while retaining nimble performance. While subjective experiences are important, we quickly determined that an objective performance benchmark was important for us to define. Having no standards in the community to rely upon, we built a custom rig in order to measure the force curves of switches mounted on gasket keyboards in order to visually observe the performance of each board.
When pressing a key on a gasket keyboard, the ideal result is that after the switch bottoms out, the gaskets (and plate) continue to allow for travel, thus providing a softer conclusion of the keystroke (and a quieter sound!). With testing complete, and our gasket-mounted build ready to go, we’re proud to introduce the newest member of the Drop keyboard family: the SENSE75. It’s an exceptional desktop staple that implements all of the best practices in keyboard design—with optimized gasket performance that will have even the most discerning enthusiasts agree: it just makes sense. The SENSE75 launches next week. We are working on launching number of mod options as well, such as weight plates, polycarbonate- and carbon fiber internal plates etc, which all are expected to be available once the SENSE75 ships.

Aug 30, 2022
What’s going on? Wasn’t this supposed to go live today? When can we purchase it? Stop teasing.
keeblerCookiesShould be live in 15 mins.
Aug 30, 2022
What's the point of talking about all this testing and "objective performance benchmark"-ing if you don't show any level of results from those tests? I would love to see how Drop "objectively" decided on what the best implementation of gasket mount is.
DiamondbackLittle late response but the gasket measurements are here:
Aug 29, 2022
This update gave me more hope and raised my hype about this project. I'm looking forward to see the final product.
Aug 29, 2022
DaeronicusGenuinely curious as to why? It's all just marketing gimmicky promotion text with little substance.
Aug 29, 2022
I'm looking forward to seeing this project receive as much love as the Zslane Mercury Rocketeer. 😃
MinaDarshWhat is love? the love the rocketeer gets from Drop, baby got hurt
IronSunsetscaleswhat is love? baby dont hurt me, don't hurt me, no more
Does my little eye spy a plate mount stab there? ...oh boy
IronSunsetscalesPCB-mounted stabs.
Jyri_DropOh is it? Odd choice to use this photo for teaser then honestly. Curious what else it offers
Aug 29, 2022
drop lowkey dissing gmk pro with the start of this article
I mean, one could think I would know. :-D SENSE75 will use PCBA-mounted version of the Phantom Stabs, which are not sold individually (at least yet).
Aug 29, 2022
Jyri_DropIf that is the case then I stand corrected and hope it performs =)
Aug 29, 2022
doing some math subtracting the price of the keycaps and switched (at a discounted price might i add) the board comes out to $185, and if this is around the pricepoint of the board, I'm sold. just put it in a navy colourway and I'm first in line. this is an amazing opportunity and i really hope they don't blow it
Aug 29, 2022
lonelyfansThey already blew it with plate mount stabs lol
KeefusChristThey are using PCBA-mounted version of the Phantom Stabs, which are not sold individually (at least yet).
It sounds like all the right boxes have been ticked. Now it's going to be about quality of implementation and competitive pricing against its contemporaries in its given price bracket. We'll see in a week or so when the reviews go live, I suppose! This image confuses me tho since it looks like there's plate-mount stabs being used? I thought this board was getting PCB-mount stabs... unless they're doing that thing where the plate offers compatibility for both, and there's restrictions based on stab housing width...
Thanks for clarifying! @KeebsNoob it's possible that image was from an early engineering sample for the gasket mounting system before they committed to using PCB-mounted stabs. It's also possible it's just a render of the PCB/plate combo and they just happened to use assets for a plate-mount stab for the sake of getting it done.
Those are standard PCBA-mounted stabs, not screw-in stabs. I don’t know what else to tell you at this point. 😀 edit: To be double clear, I’m not trying to dispute which is correct. I’m simply stating the fact as I know the specs we have.
Aug 27, 2022
All the specs and features seem great. The price is really gonna decide this one though here’s hoping they make the right call, cuz I really wanna try one of these boards out
Aug 27, 2022
Any information on pricing available yet? Or is that TBD
Aug 30, 2022
The email to the keyboard club said DCX keycaps, so $99 plus the $80ish for holy panda X, and $25 for phantom stabilizers. That’s $200 worth of stuff so we will see.
Aug 30, 2022
GameClubJust seen the keybored video and looks like it would be 250 for the barebone and 350 for the fully assambled.
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