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So... Schiit Jotunheim vs Grace M9XX

Can't seem to find any direct comparisons, even though both are DAC/AMP combos and in the exact same price range. They should be in direct competition with each other.
Thoughts, opinions, owners of both?

I use the Grace Audio m900 to power my Sennheiser HD6XX cans. I have no hearing in my left ear, the m900 has a good deal of options including mono playback. Very nice....
I just had discussions with a couple of reps of online dealers....both of them said there was 5 maybe 10% at best difference in sound quality with balanced cables and amp...please help me out with your experiences as I am a novice with cans etc....I am currently listening to hifiman EditionX with oppo Ha2-SE with iPhone 7 as source...Thanks
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Now I see why nobody can spell after seeing my own comments after spell check 😎🎧🎶
Thanks...do listen closely...just learning...appreciate your feedback 👍
Schiit is in the low-end of audio quality. But, so are their prices. I've auditioned most of their amps (including the Jotenhiem), and disliked or was unimpressed by most of them. Only the Mjolnir 2 with high-end tubes is a keeper. However, the Jotenhiem (as an amp, didn't bother with DAC module as I already have much better) is pretty good; it was comparable to the Ragnarok except was just a step down in terms of dimentionality (ie, the illusion of body / presence of instruments). The Mjolnir 2 with high-end NOS tubes beats the Joutenhiem handily...but also costs $1,000 once you factor in the tubes.
I'll also note that the Joutenhiem was a poor match with the TH-900. The Deckard (which is basically a tweaked Matrix B-Stage) was significantly better than both the Joutenhiem AND the Ragnarok with the TH-900, which is why I ended up selling the Ragnarok and returning the Joutenhiem. Using the HE-6, the Joutenhiem was obviously not amp enough -- it didn't collapse like the Deckard did, but it was clearly insufficient to get the best of the HE-6.
Now, I'm running a pair of Utopias (with an eBay balanced cable set) off the Mjolnir 2 with Reflektor 1975 Silver Shields ($100 a tube) and I'm fully satisfied. I'll be selling my HE-6 and TH-900.
The Jotty is balanced though which is probably why you are not getting enough comparisons. Get the Jotty since you get a balanced amp and DAC with the option of a SE output
Stay away from Schiit....no pun intended...very poor customer support👎👎
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I don't think it is bad. You will find a lot of people who are happy with Schiit products. Fanatically happy. But people at Schiit seem to think that they can't do no wrong. Personally, I am not used to that kind of treatment. I was going to get two devices from them shortly after Fulla 2, but now I will spend my money elsewhere. For my money I don't need anyone to be "arrogant and short with me" as the other poster said. He nailed it. If you do your research carefully there are many other options. While the Schiit stack is very popular based on reviews it is just very similar to its competition. See Zeos reviews on youtube and many others. While Jot is almost 'the best thing since sliced bread' and 'industry disruptor' it is far from perfect and has plenty of alternatives. Audio-G, Lake People, Cavalli, Meier, Aune, Fostex and many others.
I was thinking about Schiit as "Made in USA" brand and that was important for me. But I discovered that it does not live up to my expectations in quality. I simply expected more and got less. And that 'Schiit attitude' thing also... And there are way too many instances of this does not work and that and I had to exchange or had to send it back...
well i just ordered a jot, probably will get it in 1-2weeks... it says it is back-ordered i honestly don't have that much of a high expectation about any amps, i was only interested in this because it has dual output and one of them being XLR 4pin while being solid state (hopefully completely flat frequency) under 500 USD. i'm one of those flat frequency purists... lol
as long as this amp is reliable and I can't tell the difference besides volumes being louder, i would be happy with this product .