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Real talk, DSA caps don't get the appreciation they deserve in the community anymore. I love my DSA Drifter and can only hope we will see some (a single?) DSA set in 2023
ThereminGoatMKDSA is definitely underrated these days. We actually ran a recent-ish DSA set and it did pretty well but reception suffered a bit due to the packaging situation. The plastic baggies are showing their age compared to other packaging solutions on the market.
ThereminGoatMKI feel like KAT is just better DSA. Is this blasphemy? If so sorry! :( lol
Andy_WhoKAT is a really good middle-ground between SA and DSA, and IMO I'd make the claim that it's a better SA. DSA being unsculpted is a huge benefit, particularly for trying out different layouts. No need to buy multiples of various caps to accommodate all the rows those keys might be used in. For typing though, sculpted is still best IMO. This is why we need sculpted PCBs/plates!
Nov 21, 2022
ThereminGoatMKI'd love to see more DSA as well, but my favorite so far is actually XDA. I also have yet to try out KAM. Do you know if there's any chance of an XDA or KAM set in the future? (hopefully in an ErgoDox-compatible set)
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