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Nov 2, 2022
Can we discuss low profile switches on a low profile board? I custom built a wrist rest to have my keyboard angle away from me slightly. The only way to do this is to add at least a small amount of height. With a high profile there was a very big difference in my mouse hand height and keyboard hand height which is not ideal ergonomically. I went to a low profile/low profile setup and it is MUCH improved ergonomically.
TheerealistOoh, good point - maybe @ThereminGoatMK is going to discuss low-profile switches in his upcoming discussions. :D I am curious though @Theerealist, I'd imagine the biggest factor in your situation is the low-profile switches, as far as keeping the overall typing height lower / closer to your mouse. And a standard high-profile case would be too high for those switches, so that's a non-starter. Are there any "high-profile" (actually medium-profile) cases designed for low-profile switches?
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