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Another Wood Headphone Stand

Hello Ladies & Gents!
I'm trying to make my own headphone stands and would like some input on the design from various MassDrop members. I'm starting out the project with a 3x3x12 piece of Purple Heart hard wood. At some point I'm going round off the top and round out the edges on all 4 corners. ( $21.00 for the block ) Should I use a polished stainless steel base or use Purple Heart again?

AlexPk and erikbro

So purchased a Aluminium T5 6x6 1inch thick base but I think it's too small. I might need to get a 8x8 1 inch thick base.

any updates on this?
I'll keep you guys updated with the project and provide all stuff in this post. I really appreciate the feedback and feel free to comment on the project openly.
I think these are a beaut. I envy your craftsmanship! Like you said rounding of the edges would prove to be useful and I think you should definitely keep it all wood. I run a youtube channel for reviewing things and I would love to review this item in the future once you are done ! Great work !
Absolutely love the colour of the wood!
How much of an inconvenience would it be to get a draft stainless steel base (Thinking Black Stainless?) or a dark contrasting piece of wood instead to see the contrast? The stainless may be just what it needs, but I am learning towards keeping it all wood?
With the base, are you able to extend it out so that you can put your cans cables and say a 1/4 connector in there? Or a different solution? Keeps it nice and tidy.
Lastly, I hate to assume so will ask that you will be puttting a quality non slip on the base?
I am in the UK so shipping will be a pain, but please put my name down!