Need help choosing mechanical keyboard!

Hello guys
I'm having rough time picking a TKL keyboard. Note that this is going to be my first mechanical keyboard. Before like 1.5 month I was complete Noob in the mechanical keyboard world but I did a lot of research I'm glad I ended up here, it's a place to be!
Now as for the keyboard, I have some options but I'm not completely sure which should I buy. I'll give an ordered list (1 being the one I like most) of some keyboards so you can give your opinions, If you have any other option you think might be good, feel free to recommend. The preferred switch type is Cherry MX Blue.
60%-65% keyboards are not an option since I need F1 to F12 and arrow keys, but absolutely don't need numeric keypad. It doesn't REALLY HAVE to be a backlit keyboard but I would appreciate it.
1) IKBC MF-87 RGB (Anyone has any information about this keyboard being ACTIVE on Massdrop again? I'm really into this one)
2) Ducky One TKL RGB
3) Cooler Master: Masterkeys Pro S
4) Varmilo VA87MR
5) Filco Majestouch 2 TKL
And the last one is K-Type form Input Club. As far as I know this keyboard should already be released but they've pushed it even further into 2017. Is it worth waiting tho?
Thank you for your advises.

Feb 12, 2017
I'm partial to filco because it screams quality and looks legit. But I don't like backlighting so that factors into my preference.
Feb 11, 2017
Personal preference: I would go for Varmilo or Filco. (Just btw. there are also KB-Types with full F-keys but missing the extra arrow and function keys - instead you have one row of them on the very right side of the KB).
Feb 11, 2017
Filco and Varmilo are the last ones I listed cuz they lack the back-lighting. I know keyboards are not light show machines but now since every major keyboard has it, it's kinda nice feature to have. I wish they never implemented this RGB thing in keyboards but it is what it is.
Edit: Varmilo has white LED's tho.