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Silent Holy Panda X?

I ordered some Holy Panda X switches, and I fell in love with them. They are a joy to type on. There's just one problem. The place that I use my keyboard to type the most is obviously at work, which is a problem if I want to use the Holy Panda X in the office around a whole bunch of people. I really don't want to torture my coworkers with the clack of these switches. I'd rather they still liked me. The good news is that, for me, the actuation of the Holy Panda X is the best part. I could take or leave the sound it makes; even if it is fantastic. Which leads me to my conundrum: is there another "silent" switch that feels similar to the Holy Panda X? Is there a piece I can remove from the Holy Panda X that would allow me to make them silent? Or am I going to have to wait and see if Drop will drop a Silent Holy Panda X for the in-office mech community?


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